Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Orvo Stats

Population: 100,000 - 200,000. You'll know the difference when you're trying to get a parking spot come August.

Elevation: 5,000 feet above the norm, and still climbing.

Frozen Yogurt Shops: 22

Frozen Yogurt Shops worth their mochi: 1 (ORVO: The Guide does not officially endorse any yogurt shops, but would just like you to know that YoZone is located at 1286 N Freedom Blvd., Orvo, UT 84604 Mon-Sat 11am to Midnight)

Percentage of residents who have, at one point in their lives, taken piano lessons: 97%

Percentage of residents who, according to recent and extremely reliable polls, do not resent their parents: 3%

Official Sport: Dating/Hunting, depending on the season and/or marital status of the participant.

Whiny Californian Refugees: 33% of total population

Population that pretends to be from California so that they'll have an excuse to whine about the weather/drivers/general lack of Californianess: 78% of total population

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